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Wrecking Coast Summer Strawberry Gin - 70cl Bottle

Wrecking Coast Summer Strawberry Gin - 70cl Bottle


Wrecking Coast Summer Strawberry Gin

100% Cornish strawberries freshly pressed from our own strawberry field, with no added sugars, flavourings, or sweeteners! Balanced with light Italian juniper, black peppercorns, lime zest and fragrant elderflower these natural ingredients deliver a rich berry sweetness with floral notes and hints of candy.

Best Served poured over plenty of ice and top with either an elderflower tonic or lemonade, garnish with fresh sliced strawberries and allow the flavours to combine so you can enjoy the taste of summer!

Once a passion project, The Wrecking Coast Distillery was established in Tintagel, Cornwall in 2015 with the intention of creating distinctive spirits for those to enjoy. Utilising local ingredients that give the nod to their Cornish roots.

The Wrecking Coast Distillery make their award-winning creations, using a unique blend of cutting-edge still technology and more of a bespoke, hands-on approach. Its the balance of approach and close attention to detail that makes all the difference when creating their distinctive spirits.

  • 70cl Bottle,
  • 37.5% Abv.