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Vacancies What difficult times we all find ourselves in at the moment - our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the current COVID-19 situation.

The picking season starts in early May and finishes in late July.

We now only run a small group of workers - be aware that strawberry picking is hard, physical work, so you need to be fit, able, willing and prepared for lifting, carrying and bending for long periods. You will also be required to comply with food hygiene regulations and high standards of quality control.

Our picking day begins at 6 am and finishes when the day's orders are done. This may be as early as 9 am or as late as 12 pm, depending on the day's orders and state of the crop. We pick every day except Saturday.

The work will be paid on a piecework basis each day.

Extra work may be available for top performers!

If you are interested in joining our friendly team, please email us expressing interest along with the days you would be able to work at Thank you.