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What is Boddington's Strawberry Conserve?

The sun has been back shining over Mevagissey and the farm this week. Finally!

Apart from the ongoing steady growth of our Elsanta plants (see picture) the crisp temperature has meant that farm life has quietened down. So, we decided to take the camera in and behind the scenes of the factory. Where our best-seller, Strawberry Conserve was being made, by Jeff the chef.

We only add three simple ingredients into our Strawberry conserve. Strawberries, sugar and lemon juice.

We donít like to add anything artificial into this perfect mix because that just isnít us! By not adding extra pectin (a gelling agent) we must add extra fruit, to ensure the conserve sets to the perfect consistency. Pectin is found naturally in the cell wall of strawberries, so why add something artificial when we can add more fruit! By doing this, we reach 80g of strawberries for every 100g of conserve! Delicious right?

Have a great weekend.

BB x