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The Story Behind Our Christmas Products...

The Story Behind Our Christmas Products...

Christmas Conserve

Our Christmas Editions initially started in the office. A passing comment, "how yummy would a Christmas Conserve be!". Little did we know, this was the start of our Christmas lines! That's all it took for our delicious products to take flight.

We develop all our recipes in our farmhouse kitchen, and these were trialled several times. Getting the cinnamon to clove ratio was very important.

Once we nailed the ratios, we then scaled the recipe up, enough to feed the whole of Mevagissey we reckon! The batches are cooked in the jam kitchen in our open pan, jarred and labelled with out awesome festive labels. (Thanks again for helping us decide on those).

And there we have it, our very own Christmas Conserve. Christmas in a jar as Mr Boddington likes to call it.

Christmas Chutney

The chutney took a little longer to get right. We trialled a really fruity apple and cranberry chutney, but we felt something was lacking. There wasn't enough festivity going on so back to the researching we went.

Mrs Boddington worked her magic, coming up with a fantastic recipe that included dried and fresh cranberries which really added to the texture. Adding chilli gave our chutney the warmth it needed, while the orange made it fresh and fruity.

It is an amazing moment when everyone tries a trialled product, you just KNOW when it's a winner. You all just look at each other with this look that says "we've done it!".

Thank you for reading this little news snippet, we hope you enjoy our Christmas products just as much as we loved making them.

BB, x