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The Elves Christmas Jam Bash

The Elves Christmas Jam Bash

I wonder what's been going on at the farm this Christmas...

It was the night before Christmas and all through the farm,
There were no lights on, there was no Christmas charm,
The rain fell heavily, and the night was so dark,
A sound could be heard, perhaps it was a bark.

The chickens were snuggled in their hut full of straw,
There was little movement throughout the yard possibly just a paw,
Both leaves and droplets fell from the great trees,
Gliding through the air and then there was a sneeze.

Mr. Boddington leaped out of his bed,
What on earth was that sound he shouted in dread,
He looked to his left and he looked to his right,
Perhaps it was the wind Mrs. Boddington said in fright.

As the night went on and the rain became calmer,
You could see the moon shining over Mevagissey harbour,
Little footsteps could be heard wondering across the yard floor,
Perhaps someone was trying to open the jam factory door.

The wind whistled throughout the jam factories' shelves,
The door was unlocked and there were snickers from elves,
Slowly but surely the factory became so bright,
Decorations were hung around the shelves displaying a wonderful sight.

Tinsel, baubles, music, and tree,
Filled the quiet and still air of Mevagissey,
As the night clocks turned past half-past seven,
All the music and elves laughter could be heard as far as Devon.

Any Christmas would not be complete,
Without naughty elves and their little heartbeat,
With a jam party fully underway,
There were loud echoes from an oncoming sleigh.

Ho, Ho, Ho could be heard throughout the village,
It must be Father Christmas doing his mileage,
He waves at the elves who are having their great jam bash,
However, before they knew it there was a gigantic crash.

The door was forced open, the music switched off,
Mr. Boddington stood there; a little elf gave a great cough,
He closed his eyes and couldn't believe what he had just seen,
Crazy elves running around the factory causing a scene.

He slowly opened one eye and looked to the right,
There was nothing to be seen only a great light,
He closed his eyes and told himself they were real,
But even now in the factory, there wasn't a squeal.

Tinsel, baubles, and a great huge Christmas tree,
Lit up the inside of the jam factory,
The Boddington's farm once again had its Christmas allure,
All thanks to the secret elves and their Christmas cure.

Mr. Boddington was never able to explain this madness,
Of 10 little crazy Christmas elves and their badness,
So, a Berry Merry Christmas from us all on the farm,
And we hope you have a wonderful festive period full of plenty of charm.

More to follow over the next 12 working days!

BB x