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Out With The Old, In With The New!

The past couple of months have been very busy for everyone on the farm. We have planted our first crop of Elsanta Strawberry Plants, we’ve held a photoshoot, we've released the Boddington’s Berries Canvas Shopper, as well as our everyday jobs.

Another one of our projects is now ready to be announced! We have had a complete redesign of our exhibition kit – see the pictures.

Out with the old and in with the new. Just in time for the first Trade Show in Exeter.

So, our new exhibition kit. How fancy right?! After many discussions about how we were going to redesign the kit, we decided to begin the big build in early December. A few bits of wood and paint coats later (thank you Mr. Bodd for your great painting skills) we have the finished look…

A custom-made white washed wooden backdrop, inspired by our website wallpaper, surrounding a beautiful dresser, which will be used to showcase our products. To give the farmhouse feel we have carefully selected images to hang on the walls, which we believe speak louder than words. An aerial shot of the farm, our delicious strawberries, our key message, a savory cream tea and of course, two delicious sweet cream teas, JAM FIRST of course. In addition to this, we also have countertops with extra shelves to showcase more products!

We plan on using the new kit at all future shows and cannot wait for you all to see it up close!

BB x