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National Afternoon Tea Week 2019

Celebrating National Afternoon Tea Week has kept us very busy!

Throughout the week, we made various items from a traditional afternoon tea using local produce.

We started the week with a twist on a classic finger sandwich - we chose to use cheese and strawberry jam! We used Martin's Bakery bread, Rodda's Cornish butter, Davidstow cheddar and our own Strawberry Conserve to create these surprisingly tasty sandwiches.

Our midweek treat was delicious jam tarts (you can make your own using our Easy Jam Tarts recipe). Using Rodda's Cornish butter to give our pastry that creamy taste and a mixture of our Raspberry and Blackberry Conserve, these tarts only took an hour to make from scratch!

To round off the week, we pulled together to compile a full afternoon tea - from cakes and scones to sausage rolls and quiche, this tea had it all! Sadly the weather had taken a turn for the worst but with the help of a full-screen photo, we pretended we were overlooking sunny Mevagissey while we worked our way through this feast.

Let us know how you spent your National Afternoon Tea Week with us and share any yummy recipes with us on our social media!