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Out with the old, in with the new…

Useful words

Crown: the very centre of the plant. The bigger and well formed the crown, the more flowers therefore the more strawberries.

Before removing the dead leaves, our plants may have looked… dead. That isn’t a very nice word to describe our strawberries so let’s go with ‘not as alive as you would hope’. But now ...

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Bio Control

Just like us humans, strawberries sometimes need a little extra help with their health. This is where we look to bio control. Instead of using pesticides to kill vine weevil, we use mother nature to our advantage to reduce (and omit) any vine weevil that might be present in our plants by using nematodes.

Bio control

We u ...

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Strawberry Facts

In Season: Late April – October

Nutritional Value: High in vitamin C, fibre and folic acid. Some say strawberries whiten teeth…

Buying: Choose strawberries that are bright red with leaves intact. Smaller berries are usually sweeter and more flavoursome than the larger berries! Obviously, avoid soft or mouldy strawber ...

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New Software & Traceability

Hello technology.
Hello transparent supply chain.

OK now the dramatics are over and we’ve got your attention, we are updating our software. Why? So we can tick all possible boxes when it comes to traceability and safety in the food chain. Who will be checking?

SALSA recognise small businesses who are able to demonstrate ...

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